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Pre-Carnival Festivities 2019


Sunday 20 and 27th of January : drums rehearsal - Binche-center.     Saturday 2th of February : Ball of the Children of the ADL – Kursaal Room. Sunday 3th and 10th of Ferbruary : Soumonces with drums - Binche-center. Saturday 9th of Ferbruary : Ball of the Socialist Youth - Kursaal Room. Saturday 16th of Ferbruary : Ball of the Liberal Youth - Kursaal Room. ...

Gift of a Gille costume to Manneken Pis


2014, February 1st marked an historic moment for the folklore of Binche since Manneken Pis has put on his new Gille costume. He will wear it on Tuesday 4th March and each year on Shrove Tuesday.   As part of the 10th UNESCO anniversary of Binche Carnival, a big delegation from Binche composed of town authorities, representatives of Binche’s folklore and the Carnival and Mask Museum and townspeople went to Brussels in order to officially give the new costume to Manneken Pis.   Actually, the « union of Binche for the commercial expansion » had offered a first costume to Manneken Pis in 1929. But the costume was so old than it couldn’t be weared anymore. That’s why the Carnival and Mask International Museum h...

Town center decorated with UNESCO colors


Decoration of town center and inauguration   Early february, as part of the 10th UNESCO anniversary of the Binche Carnival, the main roads of the town center, and more precisely of the different processions, were decorated by installing kakemonos « Binche Carnival – UNESCO Heritage » with colors black, yellow and red. Sheets repeating the same visual were also installed at the various entrances of the town.   Next Inauguration   February the 26th at 7pm, a new plaque commemorating the recognition of the Binche Carnival will be unveiled to the public. It will be installed on the facade of the municipal theater. &...

“The Gille going topsy-turvy” at the Mask Museum


“The Gille going topsy-turvy” at the Mask Museum   From 6th February 2013 to 9th March 2014, the international Carnival and Mask Museum shows the innumerable facets of the Gille. This unique and surprising exhibition gives us an idea of the incredible bond which exists between the king of Binche and the population of his town, between the Gille and his region and his country.   The Gille is much more than a carnival figure. He is a being which ex...