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Shrove Sunday

Office du Tourisme de Binche
Grand-Place 5
7130 Binche
Tel: 064/311.580
Fax: 064/339.029
Email: tourisme@binche.be


Shrove Sunday is the most colorful day of the Carnival. The Gilles, Peasants, Pierrots and Alequins-to-be wear a fantasy costume, that has been imagined months ago and prepared in secret.

From 7am the participants leave their home walking from door to door through the city in small groups, with the sound of the drums or the viola. The visitors can then admire the beauty and the originality of the “Sunday costumes”.

After a meal with their family or their friends, the societies gather together again on the Eugène Derbaix square, near the station, for the Shrove Sunday procession. Accompanied by the drums and the brass instruments, they join the Wanderpepen Avenue and they finally split up at the Charles Deliège Avenue.

After the procession the societies continues to walk the streets with music playing until the end of the evening. The sound of the drums will then give rhythm to the night.