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The Societies

Office du Tourisme de Binche
Grand-Place 5
7130 Binche
Tel: 064/311.580
Fax: 064/339.029
Email: tourisme@binche.be


Every Society has to take care of their members, the Gilles, the Peasants, the Pierrots and the Arlequins (Harlequins). It must especially hire a drums group, musicians, and organize all the logistics linked to the “picking up”. Every Society is leaded by a committee, a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer.

Each Society has also 3 or 4 commissioners who are linked to it. Those commissioners are representatives for the Association for the Defense of Folklore, they wear a domino (black satin dress), and they must keep the cohesion within the Society and make sure that everybody respects the timetable for the scheduled moving.

The participation to the Carnival is expensive for the Gille and his family : fees to the Society, renting the Shrove Monday costume, making the Shrove Sunday costume, and all the costs of the meals and the parties.

They are 13 Carnival Society  in Binche :

    Royal Society  les Récalcitrants
    Royal Society  Les Petits Gilles
    Royal Society  Les Indépendants
    Royal Society  Les Paysans
    Royal Society  Les Pierrots
    Royal Society  Les Réguénaires
    Royal Society  Les Maxim’s
    Royal Society  Les Supporters
    Royal Society  Les Incas
    Society Les Arlequins
    Society Les Incorruptibles
    Society Les Jeunes Indépendants
    Society Les Arpeyants