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Traffic & parking

Office du Tourisme de Binche
Grand-Place 5
7130 Binche
Tel: 064/311.580
Fax: 064/339.029
Email: tourisme@binche.be


In order to guarantee visitor’s safety and to prevent any possible inconvenience, we draw your attention to the fact that traffic and parking are forbidden in most of the streets of the city center during the three shrove days of the Carnival. Be careful and pay attention to the no parking signs!

NADAR barriers secured with chains and padlocks will also be placed on the major roads and intersections of the city center in order to seal it off.

    Sunday from 7am until middau Wednesday :

  • Intersection between rues de Merbes (N55) and de l’Arayou.
  • Intersection between la Route de Mons (N90) et rue de la Pépinière.
  • Intersection between rues de Bruxelles (N55) and des Pastures.
  • Intersection between avenues Wanderpepen, Marie-José and de Burlet.
  • Intersection between rues de Robiano and Saint-Paul.
  • Intersection between rues des Arquebusiers and du Phénix.
  • Intersection between rue Haute and du Faubourg du Posty.
  • Intersection between rues de la Pépinière and des Archers.
  • Rue Carlo-Mahy, on a part with the block n°13.
  • Intersection  between rues de Versailles and de Buvrinnes.
  • Intersection between avenue Wanderpepen and rue de Ressaix.
  • Intersection between Wanderpepen and rue de Merbes.
  • Rue Saint-Paul, on a part with the local parking of the administration.
  • Rue du Pont de Bois.
  • Rue du Vieux Sourdiaux, on a part with the block n°7.
  • Intersection between avenue Charles Deliège and rue des Archers.
  • Intersection between route de Mons and rue de la Régence.
  • Intersection between rue Bard and route de Mons.
  • Rue du Cerf, access to la Maison du peuple.
  • Intersection between rues des Trois Escabelles and de la Halle-aux-filets.

Intersection between rues de la Halle-aux-filets and de la Biche.

For further information or if you need a « laissez-passer/ let pass » for exceptional reasons please contact the Police Office, rue Saint Paul, 12, in Binche ; or call +32 (0) from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4.30pm.

Download here the map of the city center of Binche

Download here the parking guide of the city center of Binche